Professional acrobat, tumbler, gymnast, who spent more than 30 years inside the world of gymnastics as a student, worker and adviser to the younger generation. Awarded numerous certificates, diplomas and medals in achieving high results in sports, studies and civic activities. In 1977, Rauf was admitted to Sport Academy of Olympic Reserve ( Baku city, Azerbaijan (former USSR)) and successfully graduated in 1989 as a member of the national team. In 1988, Rauf received Master of Sport, awarded by State Committee of USSR on Physical Training and Sport on Acrobatics and Gymnastics. During studying at University of Physical Education and Individual Sports in Baku city, Rauf competed for national team and assisted with coaching Junior National Team. In 1995, Rauf moved to USA where he continued participate in gymnastics as a team member, coach and mentor. For the last decade, Rauf prepared high skills and elite level athletes who currently members of regional and national teams.
Major Accomplishments
• 1st-USA National Championship, Palm Spring, CA-1996
• 2nd- USA National Championship, Houston, Texas-1997
• 1st- Southern regional championship, USSR-1987
• 2nd- Moldova Championship of professional athletes, USSR-1988
• 4th-National Summer competitions, USSR-1988
• 2nd-National Society of Physical Education Championship, USSR-1988
• 1st-National Tournament, USSR-1989
• 5th-National Championship of USSR-1989
• 4th-National Summer competitions of Youth, USSR-1989